Triple Vault

Rewards Protocol

  • Three Unique Vaults

  • Sustainable Treasury

  • Compound Interest

  • Variable up to 2% daily

  • Anti dump protection



Innovation for future investing.

One Token, Three unique Vaults with Three different reward %
Blocvest is a revolutionary deflationary token with three very unique vaults. The Shareholder, Accumulator and the trickle vault. The system was developed to offer different rewards and in different ways depending on how you decide to utilize them.
The BVST token is paired to BNB which means it will see significant gains once the market stabilizes and starts to recover. We have also added anti whale functions and higher tax thresholds to ensure a stable future for the ecosystem over time.
Blocvest is backed by a treasury contract that acts as a fail safe which can be used to pair liquidity if needed. Micro fees are used across the ecosystem to fuel liquidity pools and other services like marketing and development if required.

The Triple Vault

Share hold, Accumulate or compound with trickle vault.

Rewards with NFT BOOST

NFT BOOST is Affiliated with the Trickle Vault only. 

When you enter the trickle vault you can boost your daily rewards by purchasing ourNFT Boost’s. Supercharge your rewards form the standard 0.5% all the way up to 2% with our NFT’s. Bronze and silver will have an unlimited supply while gold and platinum will be scarce and only offered at intervals throughout the year.

Bronze Boost $500.00
Silver Boost $1000.00
Gold Boost $2500.00
Platinum Boost $5000.00 
Boost NFT’s are transferable as long as they are not used. Once you use your NFT with the 
trickle vault it will become the property of the vault and in return boost your reward percentage. 
Participants can also acquire whatever level they desire without the need for holding the previous tier. 

BVST token & Distribution

Blocvest media coverage

Blocvest is a module of the blocvault ecosystem 

Here you can find some of our latest videos and images used in the promotion of the blocvest module. The team at blocvault media strive to create and publish content that assist’s in the promotion of our products to new investors and users around the world. 

We believe in keeping it simple, by making creatives that explain our products In a easy to read easy to use scenario. Ultimately this assist’s in user adoption and help’s new comers in the space by educating them with video and images that show how to get around our modules and products in the easiest way possible.