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The Cryptocurrency space has hundreds of thousands of utilities defined as passive income, but what is it and how does it affect an investor looking to collect? In today’s world, passive income is usually defined as a percentage of your investment passively returned from investing in some other companies in which you are not actively participating.  It’s not rocket science to realize that banks and companies are borrowing and investing those funds for a return and providing you a small percentage back typically close to 0% as possible. 

Another form of passive income involves real estate which is a whole other ball game and quite lucrative if you have the financial backing to participate. There is another way that most still do not acknowledge or know about and it only takes a small amount of time and research to take full advantage.

Honestly, I’ve found it’s quite misunderstood with its technological roots and the way it launched onto the world stage seemingly out of the middle of nowhere.  What most don’t realize about these passive income products is their awesome ability to bridge the gap and provide a path for anyone to start investing whether the world’s most impoverished or the world’s wealthiest.  You no longer require access to some fancy banker or investor, all you need is a phone or a computer with access to the internet to get started.  Most recently cryptocurrency and passive income has hit mainstream media and we’ve seen massive economic shifts taking place while markets move from a Bull to Bear season.  These passive income streams continue to be a great way to generate wealth even in a bear market.  

For example, let’s look at a particular cryptocurrency project that emerged onto the scene showing a lot of promise and a solid foundation. BlocVault is a defi project consisting of many different financial modules all brought together in a single easy-to-use ecosystem available to the world.  BlocVault is ultimately bringing financial products to the world using the latest in evolutionary blockchain technologies.  They are accomplishing this by identifying and eliminating every barrier in decentralized finance and building the simplest financial products available to the masses.

One particular BlocVault product recently released called Blocvest is really taking off and doing wonders so far with Passive Income for anyone invested to date and as this income stream matures it will provide a wonderful source of income for everyone involved. BlocVest consists of three different vaults all containing different methods of generating passive income. To fully understand this system you can visit their website at https://blocvest.io to learn more.  It is proving to be extremely lucrative for those who find the right strategy which typically requires a lot of patience. BlocVault has even provided tools and calculators providing the exact way to best take advantage of your passive income stream depending on your particular setup. As always, I’m not a financial expert, and this should not be taken as financial advice.  Please do your research before you invest.

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What is Passive Income

The Cryptocurrency space has hundreds of thousands of utilities defined as passive income