Passive income for my “Golden Years”

Passive income for my “Golden Years”


Since I am approaching retirement age, I’ve started looking for quality projects that are built to last. Those with sustainable passive income streams, and do not require high amounts of time to manage. Recently, I feel that I have found that with BlocVault and their upcoming Eco-System of products offering passive income such as BlocVest! As the project grows and reaches more investors, I am sure others will come to the same conclusion that I have.


Like many crypto investors, I was keyed into BlocVault due to the hype around its launch in Jan 2022. I participated in the launch and have held many of the tokens purchased at that time, using their effortless staking dapp to grow my bag. During this time, I joined the BlocVault Telegram and started my education on BlocVest’s Triple Vault system and the BlocVault ecosystem. As time went on I became more and more impressed by the team’s ability to handle issues and unforeseen problems. Whenever changes were required in the project, they were always fair and leaned towards the holder’s benefit. Integrity in this space is not always an easy thing to find, but this team acts with it in all actions not to mention being fully doxed. I saw how they continued to stay focused on building out the triple vault, how they tirelessly tested, ran numbers, and answered any questions no matter how difficult.


Now that the BlocVest Triple Vault module has launched, any bugs were quickly addressed and from an investor’s standpoint worked like a well-oiled machine, showing the level of expertise they brought in and their commitment to testing. Albert Einstein said that “the strongest force in the universe is Compound interest”.  If you understand the power of compound interest, then you will see the tremendous value the Triple Vault and NFT’s can bring to your investment. The Triple Vault system gives investors different ways to earn money and is unlike any other vault products currently available!


After launching such a major module, one would think the team would take a break, however, they keep innovating and bringing additional modules into their ecosystem like Bloc-Swap, Bloc-wallet, Bloc-pay, Bloc-NFT,  and Bloc-Chat to name a few and perhaps a few others I’m not aware of. 


In a bear market with rug pulls everywhere, it is nice to find a quality team like BlocVault.

I hope my years of life experience and 40 years in the IT industry  have taught me well to spot good opportunities with great people. I think I did that with my investment in the Great job BlocVault/BlocVest team/ecosystem. @beachcrewzer

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