The Accumulator Vault

Vault Overview

Here you can see an overview of the Accumulator Vault and type of information our UI delivers so you can easily keep track of your status within the vault. To interact with this vault you would need to launch the Dapp from the top right corner of this website and connect your wallet by following the onscreen instructions.

This Vault has 0% tax on entry and exit. The UI is split into four easy to read panels that relay the curent up to date statistics within it. Users can see how many participants are in the vault and handy information like how they are using the vault (ie. weekly, by weekly or monthly).

There are three lock periods in this vault weekly, by weekly or monthly.

                WEEKLY  – BY WEEKLY  –  MONTHLY

                             5%                      10%                         20%

Locked tokens in this vault do not track the BVST token price daily and will remain at the dollar value you lock. Participants can earn and accumulate tokens as long as they make deposits on time depending on which period they find best suited to them. 

When you make a deposit to this vault you will have to choose the time frame that best suits you. Once you make your second deposit on time the first one including the reward unlocks.


Once you have connected your wallet to the vaults you can go ahead and start to set up your rewards schedule.

Participants need to choose how frequently they will add tokens to the vault. Please note that you need to add the same dollar value on each deposit interval in order to recieve your reward percentage.

After you have decided on the frequency that works for you next you will need to decide on the dollar value in BVST tokens you wish to put into the vault at each interval. Dollar value is indicated below the token amount box for you to reference before you make the depsoit.

Please note if you do not add the correct amount in dollar value for each interval you will not recieve the rewards.

If you choose weekly by weekly or monthly the unlock period for your next withdrawal or deposit will be the next 24hrs after the time has lapsed. If you miss the window your balance will be unlocked and no rewards will be given.


In this panel you will see your schedule with all the relevant information about your locked tokens the frequency you picked and when your next deposit is due.

The lock date for when you started will be displayed first

Next is the frequency period you picked (weekly by weekly or monthly

Your next due date will indicate when you need to make your next depsoit

The Dollar Value of your next deposit

Please pay attention to the Dollar value for your deposits in order to keep your rewards.

The percentage rate will show your rate depending on the frequency picked above.

Finally your total value in the vault is displayed for your reference



The Status panel displays whether or not you are connected to your vault. If this reads disconnected you will need to connect in the top right corner of the dapp with you wallet to interact with the vault.

Assuming you are connected you will now see you accumulated balance that is claimable in the next window you can choose to claim the last deposits plus the rewards from this box.

The accum reward box will show your current claimable rewards only if you want to just claim rewards and leave you deposits intact.

Finally you can exit the vault and take all your tokens out once you are not in a lock cycle and. Please note that this will ony work if you have not added to you cycle and the lock deadline has run out.

Vault Disclaimer

When you participate within the Blocvest vaults you do so entirely at your own discretion. Please conduct your own research and read all of the available information. Crypto currencies and projects carry no guarantees and you should not take unnecessary financial risks. Material published by Blocvest should not be considered as financial advice.