The triple vault tax breakdown

The Blocvest system on the surface may seem a little complicated but once you get your head around it and how the tax is broken down you will soon see how clever and sustainable it really is.

Here you will find all you need to know about the tax for BVST token and the triple vault system.

Blocvest Token Buy & Sell Tax.

The BVST Token  has a 10% tax as standard when you purchase the token. This tax is used in the following way 5% to the shareholders vault, 2% to the liquidity pool, 2% to BLVT our ecosystem Governance token and 1% to development

The system also has a treasury contract which collects micro fees from every transaction within it. This fee is set to .35 cent on every  function you call while in the vaults. This fee is sent directly to the BVST Treasury where it is accumulated to perform buy backs or add to liquidity where or when needed.

Each vault in the system offers different rewards based on how participants choose to use them.


Individual vault tax & use breakdown

Vault Disclaimer

When you participate within the Blocvest vaults you do so entirely at your own discretion. Please conduct adicute research and read all of the available information. Crypto currencies and projects carry no guarantees and you should not take on unnecessary financial risks. Material published by Blocvest should not be considered as financial advice.